Take a look at the questions below. At LM Financial Inc. we often find first time visitors to our site have similar questions. If a question you have is not represented here; please call or email us for answers.

Whether you are new to homeownership, want to consolidate debt or are thinking of investing into your future through real estate vehicles, it is time to see us at LM Financial Inc. For most Canadians, their first instinct is to go straight to the bank and ask for information and help. Your local branch is not the only place to go and for many Canadians sometimes not the best place for to go. LM Financial Inc. will usher you through the process and help you strategize the best ways to see your dreams come true.

A mortgage specialist is oftentimes the person that can help you realize your power as a mortgage shopper.  A mortgage professional will work closely with you to make sure you get the right deal.

“What is the purpose of a Mortgage Broker/Agent?”

At LM Financial Inc. our mortgage agents/brokers will help you acquire the best mortgage product to fit your borrowing needs. We want to save you money and get you the money you need. All of our agents and brokers are licensed professionals with access to many lenders ready to benefit by putting their money to work for you.

“What does LM Financial Inc. offer that is different from other mortgage companies?”

LM Financial Inc. provides what we describe as specialized mortgage services to borrowers with needs outside the conventional and stringent vetting process of the national lenders. Since 2014 LM Financial Inc. has positively changed the lives of countless borrowers and investors – with one of the lowest default rates in Canada and customer retention records LM Financial Inc. continues to provide quick turnarounds for mortgages and to fixing the credit scores of borrowers without perfect credit. Our dedication to our clients and our expert staff keep us grounded in service!

“Why a mortgage professional?”

Using a mortgage professional is wise because they specialize in mortgages and understand the nuances of the industry. This expertise can be the reason you get a mortgage or a better rate. A LM Financial Inc. mortgage professional works for you.

 “Why is there a difference in the ‘cost of borrowing’ and the interest rate that is quoted on the mortgage commitment?”

The difference is in understanding the annualized interest rate and that the cost of borrowing also includes all the fees associated with acquiring the mortgage. Fees such as: appraisal cost, mortgage and insurance costs, taxes and other fees outlined in the mortgage statement.